Chairman’s Message

Japan’s nation is well known for their long life and health expectancy, and low mortality rate. Healthy diet, among other factors, has been contributing to their longevity.

MOMOTARO SHOKUHIN CO., LTD. was established in October 2004, with the aim to introduce and promote good quality, traditional Japanese noodles to the world, thus contributing to healthy living and longevity.

With more than 60 years of experience in manufacturing noodles with high technology and managed by the holder of the Japan Noodle Manufacturing Skill License ( Mr Akira Koyama is the third person in Japan to possess such license ), momotaro produces fresh, safe-to-consume, delicious and additive-free noodles. We promise to continue supplying good quality products and satisfy our treasured clients’ tastebuds.

Company Profile

PresidentAkira Koyama
Address2-2-18, Sunashinden, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama, 350-1137, Japan
kind of businessNoodles manufacturing industry

Chairman’s Profile

Name: Mr Akira Koyama

1957 Joined Koyama Seimen, a noodle manufacturing company and worked at the company’s production line and restaurant

1962 Joined Nikka Seimen Gijutsu Koryu Dan and assumed the position of Technical Development Instructor of Taiwan Noodles Manufacturers’ Association.

1971 Expanded Koyama Seimen and changed name to Koyama Seimen Co. Ltd.
Assumed the position of Director of Food Technology.

1978 Established Topfoods Corporation and assumed the position of Representative Director.

1980 Expanded Topfoods Corporation and changed name to Koyama Foods Co. Ltd and become the 3rd person to hold the position of Representative Director in the company.

March 1988 Passed the Japan Noodle Manufacturing Skill Licensing Examination ( 3rd person to obtain this license in Japan ) Passed the Japan Licensed Cook Licensing Examination.

May 1992 Established MOMOTARO FOODS SDN. BHD. and assumed the position of Managing Director.

Nov 1992 Opend a noodle restaurant ‘Ichiban Japanese Restaurant’ at Jusco Wangsamaju.

Jan 2000 MOMOTARO FOODS SDN. BHD. relocated at Seri Kemabangan, Selangor.

Oct 2004 Established MOMOTARO SHOKUHIN CO.,LTD.

Aug 2006 MOMOTARO FOODS SDN.BHD.’s factory assets expanding, Frozen Udon production began.

May 2015 Started production of Halal Noodls.

May 2017 Started production of Gluten Free Noodls.

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